Snapshot 8: Irresistible

Old weathered wood skilfully fabricated is simply irresistible.  It must be taken.  It’s even more irresistible when combined with the fresh new green leaves of an acer.  Why is it appealing?  I suppose it’s a matter of the kind of contrast there is between the skin of an elderly person and that of a new born baby—the withering and the bountiful, sparkling energy of the new.

Imagine the same shot in the autumn—the weather beaten wood is now seen against a glowing finale before the fall—in Japan in particular it is sentimentality personified.

Take one away and the other suffers.  Change one and the expressive qualities of the other are enhanced.

This scene was just one of a number of beautiful vignettes at Sojiji Temple in the town of Monzen.  Wajima lacquerware and the temple have strong connections that deserve more attention at a later date.

Bill Tingey Photo © Copyright

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