Snapshot 6: Calm and Detachment

Calm and Detachment
After a long day touring round the Noto Peninsula looking at some treasures of traditional architecture, I found myself on a promontory gazing out over the Japan Sea.  It was still some time before the sun would reach the watery horizon but night was certainly approaching.

It had been a hot and very humid day; the kind of day when everything is seen as if through a ground glass screen.  Taking photographs on a dry bright day in autumn or winter when the air is so dry on the Pacific coast of Japan, everything appears to be so sharp and highly defined.  In the summer, however, when the humidity can reach 80~90% and it's still not raining, there is a mysterious air and time seems to be standing still.  Despite the sense of unpleasantness such levels of humidity trigger, there is too a feeling of meditative calm, stillness and detachment.  There may be only a few who would agree with my assessment but those were my feelings as I watched the sun setting over the sea on that particular evening.

Mind you, the way my T-shirt had been clinging to me for most of the day was a rude reminder that I should really try to lose some weight!

Bill Tingey Photo © Copyright

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