Snapshot 9: Inspired

When the internationally famed and highly revered British potter Bernard Leach visited Wajima more that forty years ago, he was introduced to Kunikatsu Seto, who was 27 years old at the time.  This meeting proved to be pivotal, although not immediately.  Kunikatsu at least made the decision to become involved in craft and worked in a small business selling craft in Wajima.  This venture did not go particularly well, but he did not give up.  He began making pieces of lacquerware himself.  His desire to create things flourished and even now at the age of seventy he is still inspired to try something new, something challenging.  Seen here in his gallery with some of his recent work, he also showed me a Leach lidded jug.  This, he said, was what started it all.

Bill Tingey Photo © Copyright

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