Exhibition Notice

FunaAsobi Gallery—Exhibition Notice
FunaAsobi Gallery Tenth Anniversary Show
13th July to 22nd July

This year marks the Tenth Anniversary of the opening of the gallery in Suzu.  We are hoping that this show will bring a great deal of pleasure to all those who visit through its exhibits by a number of artists who have kindly co-operated in the stagging of the show.

Contributing artists are:  Midori Tsukada, Kozue Tsukarara, Kazunori Hori, Reisia, PONNALET, Taiaki Yano, Mamiko Susuki, Yui Syakunaga, Kenji Nishida and others.

7/13~7/22 「あそびの美」~舟あそび10周年企画~ 今年珠洲でギャラリーを始めて10年になります。 作家の方々にご協力をいただき、お茶の楽しさ、しつらえることの楽しさを お伝えする企画になればと思っています。 
出展作家: 塚田美登里、塚原梢、堀仁憲、Reisia、PONNALET、矢野太昭、鈴木マミ子、釈永維、西田健二 etc 

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