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FunaAsobi Gallery—Exhibition Notice
1st June to 10th June
Black is Beautiful—New pieces of Suzu ware by Takashi Shinohara
This exhibition of work by Takashi focuses on unglazed pieces of dark Suzu ware.  Black is the overall impression but each piece habours a sparkling universe of specks of colour.  The forms, too, bring out the colours and whether vases or bowls each has a distingtive Shinohara line.
6/1~6/10 「美しき黒のフォルム」~珠洲焼 篠原敬(Takashi Shinohara)~
珠洲焼 篠原敬の個展です。 釉薬を掛けず焼成によって出る黒は、宇宙のように様々な色合いを見せてくれます。 また、フォルムが現れる色です。花器や器を中心に篠原の美しいラインをご覧いただきたいです。 

Photo Copyright FunaAsobi Gallery

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