Exhibition Notice—FunaAsobi Gallery

Ceramic Art Exhibition—Arata and Atsuko Anzai
Open everyday from Friday 11th August to Sunday 20th August 10 am - 6 pm

Arata and Atsuko Anzai are both potters living in Kaga City in the south of Ishikawa Prefecture.

Their taste in ceramics ranges from the pottery and porcelain of Korea as well as to pieces from much further afield.  It is from these roots that they take their inspiration to make items that fit their own particular live style.

The pieces they make might be celadon or white porcelain, ash glazed, moulded or highly decorated.  A visit to the show, therefore, will be a glimpse of the wares they surround themselves with on a daily bases.

Photo © Copyright FunaAsobi Gallery

2017.8.11(金)~ 8.20(日)会期中無休 10:00-18:00


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