Exhibition Notice—Taiaki Yano Exhibit at FunaAsobi Gallery

Taiaki Yano works in a number of different mediums including glass, ceramics, and fresco painting.  His work in glass alone is extensive, covering mosaic glass, blown glass, and something called core-formed glass.  This ancient method of working glass is combined with other techniques to form items with lids and glasses with feet.  He uses mosaic glass techniques for plates and platters.  He has even combined glass and terracotta in pieces of sculpture.  We are also privileged to see new fresco work in the not-be-missed exhibition.

The exhibition runs for Friday 14th July to Sunday 23rd July.  Open from 10:00 to 18:00

Photo Copyright © FunaAsobi Gallery

Gallery Funa-asobi  10:001800


Photo Copyright © FunaAsobi Gallery

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