2017 April, Exhibition Notice—Takashi Shinohara

Exhibition of Work by Noto Potter
Takashi Shinohara

Kintetsu Department Store, Abeno Harukas Tennoji, Osaka
11th Floor Art Gallery

Wednesday 12th April to Tuesday 18th April 2017
10 am to 8 pm.

This is a good opportunity to see examples of a pottery which originated in Oku Noto on the Noto Peninsula.  It was lost but its rediscovery was in no small part the result of work done by Takashi Shinohara and others dedicated to raising the profile of this distinctively black ware—elegant pieces of pottery with a dignity all their own displaying the “happy accidents” of a wood fired kiln.

珠洲焼 篠原敬 作陶展
あべのハルカス近鉄本店タワー館 11階 アートギャラリー



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