Exhibition Notice—Ishikawa Traditional Crafts Fair

Ishikawa Traditional Crafts Fair

This fair will be a rare opportunity to see some of Ishikawa Prefecture’s traditional crafts in Tokyo.  The fair will be held on 3rd, 4th and 5th of February at the Tokyo Dome Prism Hall located near Suidobashi station in central Tokyo.  Opening times are 10am to 6pm and until 4pm on the last day.

Some 30,000 items on 50 craft makers’ stands will be featured along an Ishikawa Craft Street.

As well as featuring a number of lacquerware items from Wajima, Yamanaka and Kanazawa, many other crafts made in the prefecture will also be on show.  There will be handmade paper, bamboo work, gold leaf and other crafts representative of the history and culture of the area.  Ceramics, too, are well represented with wares from Kutani, Suzu and Ohi kilns.  Textiles from the region such as Kaga yuzen dyeing along with examples of local embroidery, pongee and linen cloths will also be exhibited.

Less well known crafts such as the making of Buddhist house altars, toys, musical instruments and traditional umbrellas will take their place alongside Noto Fireworks that often light up the summer night sky of the prefecture and other venues across the nation.

The cuisine of the prefecture will also feature alongside craft workshops and a display of kimono featuring cloths made in the region.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience some of the cultural splendour of Ishikawa Prefecture.

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