Two years, ninety-three posts and counting…

It is now just over two years since I started writing this blog.  I would like to thank all of those who have been good enough to read it and sincerely hope that you have gained something from it, whether it be about Wajima and the Noto Peninsula or about Japan in general.

Having lived in the country for 24 years it is like a second home to me and actually I do not really know which to put first, England or Japan.

It therefore gives me a great thrill to be able to pass on what I have learned about my adopted second homeland.  I hope, too, that my insights into the culture as a whole and in particular about the craft, history, architecture, climate and life style to be found in Japan and the Noto Peninsula have fostered a deeper understanding and interest in Japan and its people and culture.

To date there have been some 10,888 page views. Of course it is wonderful to have so many people taking the trouble to view the blog but it is quality rather than numbers I have been aiming for.  Still, if nobody was reading it…..

So far readers who hail from 19 countries have accessed the blog.  This has been partly due to readers sharing the posts on social media, for which I must be grateful.

Access has come from Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, Argentina, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Belarus.  Inevitably many of the readers are from Japan and the UK.

I have every intention of continuing to write the blog and hope that there will continue to be people out there who are interested in reading it.

Many thanks to you all.

Bill Tingey

The newspaper clipping is from the Hokkoku Shinbun, written by Hiroyuki Kitayama for this regional newspaper published on 26th November, 2016

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