2016 Snapshot 15 Evening Light

Evening Light
Visiting a place for a long time always offers the opportunity of planning a shot.  In this case it was a matter of noticing that the setting sun would light one side of this street opposite from where I was staying in Wajima back in June 2015.  I noted the time and planned to try and photograph this street half and hour later in order to capture the image.  While the tiles and ridge ornaments are shown off by the lighting, I could have waited for a person to walk toward or away from me.  My intension, however, was to show off the arrangement of roofs.  The web of wires, poles and small transformers pictured only helped to lift the quality of the lighting and design on the left of the street.  Trickery with the camera?  A little but with a purpose—to express something using the light.

Bill Tingey Photo © Copyright

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