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An Exhibition of Recent Work by Kazuta Furukomi
Kazuta, who is a member of the Wajima Lacquer Study Group, is having a exhibition of some of his recent work at Site Aoyama in Tokyo.  His work was first featured in this blog in June 2015, Snapshot 2:  Who have I met?, when a tea caddy lid was presented.  His work was again featured in December 2015, Chased, Engraved—Chingin.  More recently one of his baby spoons was featured in May 2016, Baby Spoon 4/4.

Site Aoyama
2-7-9 Minami Aoyama
Tokyo  107-0062

Tuesday 7th June—Monday 13th June
11am—7 pm daily (except 7th June from 2 pm and 13th June until 4 pm)

11:00~17:00 (初日14時から/最終日16時まで)
title: 古込和孝 漆芸展
artist: 古込和孝
media: 工芸
from artist:

Photo courtesy of Kazuta Furukomi, Photo Copyright ©

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